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Wrestlers win Solon Duals

Spartans run the table at home tournament

SOLON– The Spartans ran the table.
Solon’s varsity wrestlers went 5-0 at their own Solon Duals Saturday, Jan. 4.
The Spartans opened with a 54-30 victory over Midland and racked up wins against Muscatine (41-32), Vinton-Shellsburg (60-18) and Keokuk (65-18) before taking down Anamosa in the championship, 59-24.
“We have been stressing the importance of the team in duals,” said Solon Head Coach Blake Williams. “Losing a few close duals in December helped our team realize the importance of everyone doing their job if we want to have success. I thought Saturday we saw some improvements from some of our wrestlers. The first two duals (over Midland and Muscatine), we did not have the consistency or the intensity that is needed. I thought this got better as the day went on. I thought we probably wrestled our best in the championship dual versus Anamosa.”
Jakobe Lahr started Solon off on the right foot in the final dual against Anamosa with a quick pin (0:41) at 126 pounds and a forfeit at 132 gave the Spartans a lead they would not relinquish. Anamosa closed to 12-6 with a pin at 138 pounds, but Solon used five falls, a technical fall and a forfeit to build a commanding 53-6 lead.
Hayden Taylor (145) pinned Sam Norris in 1:08, Zeb Gnida earned a 17-1 technical fall, Jax Flynn (170) pinned Anamosa’s Nate Keating in 1:05, Lucas TePoel (182) took Austin Kirby to the mat in 27 seconds, Seamus Poynton (195) won by fall over Alex Shover in 36 seconds and Gage Marty (220) pinned Cameron Hanson in 4:36.
Marty, Gnida, Taylor and Jackson Clevenger (195) went undefeated on the day, while Lahr and Kaden Lamm (120) picked up some victories in the lower weights.
“Jakobe and Kaden had some nice wins,” Williams noted. “They are improving each time on the mat. Confidence is big for them. If they go out believing they can win, that is when they are successful. I also thought Jackson Clevenger wrestled well. He is giving up a lot of weight to his opponents so going 4-0 on the day was impressive.”
Williams also filled a hole in his lineup by inserting Cheyenne Mulford in at 113 pounds.
She was pinned in 33 seconds in the opening match against Midland, but lasted until the 4:50 mark in the dual against Muscatine and picked up three forfeits in the last three meets.
“Both Cheyenne and Addison Burden are members of our team,” Williams explained. “They have both done an outstanding job and work very hard. Girls’ wrestling is the fastest growing high school sport in America. Some schools in Iowa have girls’ teams. We hope to get there some day. Since Solon doesn’t have a girls’ team yet, they practice and compete with the boys’ teams.”
In addition, he said, the two have been attending a few all-girl tournaments and will attend the Girls State Wrestling Tournament Jan. 24 in Waverly. Coach Jake Munson has started an all-girls weekly wrestling practice on Sunday evenings for any interested kindergarten-eighth grade girls, he added.
The tightest contest Saturday was against Muscatine.
Tied at 12-12 after four matches, the two teams seesawed back and forth with the lead.
The Spartans were down 25-23 heading into the last four matches, but Poynton (182), Clevenger and Marty each won by fall to push Solon ahead, 41-25, before finishing 41-32.
The Spartans racked up 30 pins over the course of the five meets. In a day full of fast falls, the quickest belonged to Lamm and Christian Moore (132), both in eight seconds in action against Midland. Taylor took just a second longer to pin Keokuk’s Gage Yocum.
The Spartans stay home to host Beckman Catholic in a dual meet Thursday, Jan. 9, starting at 6 p.m. Spartan Wrestling Club members and seventh-eighth grade middle school wrestling team members will be recognized that night, Williams said.
“We are getting healthier after the break,” he assessed. “We still have a few wrestlers injured and are hoping to get everyone back soon. January is a very busy month with lots of competitions.”
After a Jan. 11 tournament at Prairie City-Monroe, the Spartans host South Tama for a dual meet Thursday, Jan. 16, followed by Solon’s Ed Hadenfeldt Wrestling Invitational Saturday, Jan. 18.

Solon Duals Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Solon
2nd Place - Anamosa
3rd Place - Muscatine
4th Place - Midland
5th Place - Keokuk
6th Place - Vinton-Shellsburg
Round 1
Solon defeated Midland 54-30.
Anamosa defeated Keokuk 56-18.
Muscatine defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 64-3.
Round 2
Solon defeated Muscatine 41-32.
Anamosa defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 51-24.
Midland defeated Keokuk 54-24.
Round 3
Solon defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 60-18.
Anamosa defeated Midland 45-27.
Muscatine defeated Keokuk 63-18.
Round 4
Solon defeated Keokuk 65-18.
Anamosa defeated Muscatine 42-38.
Midland defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 47-21.
Round 5
Solon defeated Anamosa 59-24.
Keokuk defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 46-24.
Muscatine defeated Midland 58-18.

Solon Duals - Solon
Guaranteed 1st place
Match #1 Round 1
Solon defeated Midland 54-30
285 - Nash Altman (Solon) over Cael Eganhouse (Midland) Fall 0:56
106 - Logan Bicknese (Midland) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 - Shayden Hansen (Midland) over Cheyenne Mulford (Solon) Fall 0:33
120 - Kaden Lamm (Solon) over Kaden Braswell (Midland) Fall 0:08
126 - Damon Huston (Midland) over Jakobe Lahr (Solon) Fall 1:13
132 - Christian Moore (Solon) over Lucas Ervin (Midland) Fall 0:08
138 - Jared Crock (Midland) over Ethan Swan (Solon) Fall 4:58
145 - Hayden Taylor (Solon) over Caden Ballou (Midland) Fall 1:06
152 - Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Carson Hunter (Midland) Fall 0:51
160 - Cayden Miller (Midland) over Caleb Ebert (Solon) Fall 3:52
170 - Jax Flynn (Solon) over Kaleb Westphal (Midland) Fall 0:28
182 - Jackson Clevenger (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 - Seamus Poynton (Solon) over Trevor Fitzpatrick (Midland) Fall 0:15
220 - Gage Marty (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
Match #2 Round 2
Solon defeated Muscatine 41-32
106 - Double Forfeit
113 - Collin Zellmer (Muscatine ) over Cheyenne Mulford (Solon) Fall 4:50
120 - Kaden Lamm (Solon) over Garrett Head (Muscatine ) Fall 4:08
126 - Jakobe Lahr (Solon) over Mason Crabtree (Muscatine ) Fall 2:57
132 - Jett Fridley (Muscatine ) over Johnny Hoyle (Solon) Fall 3:19
138 - Carson Harder (Muscatine ) over Ethan Swan (Solon) Fall 1:11
145 - Hayden Taylor (Solon) over Kuinton Middugh (Muscatine ) TF 19-2
152 - Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Connor Beck (Muscatine ) Fall 1:42
160 - Cedric Castillo (Muscatine ) over Caleb Ebert (Solon) Dec 14-8
170 - Tim Nimley (Muscatine ) over Jax Flynn (Solon) Fall 3:57
182 - Seamus Poynton (Solon) over Anthony Mathias (Muscatine ) Fall 2:52
195 - Jackson Clevenger (Solon) over Nathan Beatty (Muscatine ) Fall 0:27
220 - Gage Marty (Solon) over Bob Carver (Muscatine ) Fall 1:06
285 - Togeh Deseh (Muscatine ) over Nash Altman (Solon) Fall 1:26
Muscatine 's team score was adjusted by -1.0 for Straps
Match #3 Round 3
Solon defeated Vinton-Shellsburg 60-18
113 - Cheyenne Mulford (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 - Kaden Lamm (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 - Jakobe Lahr (Solon) over Damon Swenson (Vinton-Shellsburg) Fall 3:56
132 - Brady Ortner (Vinton-Shellsburg) over Christian Moore (Solon) Fall 1:58
138 - Bryce Radeke (Vinton-Shellsburg) over Ethan Swan (Solon) Fall 3:49
145 - Hayden Taylor (Solon) over Jimmy Mull (Vinton-Shellsburg) Fall 1:33
152 - Curtis Erickson (Vinton-Shellsburg) over Lucas Kampman (Solon) Fall 3:06
160 - Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Cayden Kelley (Vinton-Shellsburg) Fall 1:38
170 - Lucas TePoel (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182 - Jax Flynn (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 - Jackson Clevenger (Solon) over Taylor Anderson (Vinton-Shellsburg) Fall 0:43
220 - Gage Marty (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 - Nash Altman (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 - Double Forfeit
Match #4 Round 4
Solon defeated Keokuk 65-18
120 - Kaden Lamm (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 - Jakobe Lahr (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
132 - Johnny Hoyle (Solon) over Hunter Haage (Keokuk) Fall 0:23
138 - Levi Boudewyn (Keokuk) over Christian Moore (Solon) Fall 2:45
145 - Hayden Taylor (Solon) over Gage Yocum (Keokuk) Fall 0:09
152 - Lucas Kampman (Solon) over Dakota Haage (Keokuk) Fall 1:22
160 - Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Corey Skinner (Keokuk) TF 17-1
170 - Jax Flynn (Solon) over Zack Glasscock (Keokuk) Fall 0:26
182 - Dylan Jeffers (Keokuk) over Seamus Poynton (Solon) Fall 1:02
195 - Jackson Clevenger (Solon) over Kolbe Barnes (Keokuk) Fall 1:09
220 - Gage Marty (Solon) over Tristyn O`Connor (Keokuk) Fall 1:44
285 - Erich Karsten (Solon) over Jordan Salyers (Keokuk) Fall 0:59
106 - Braden Ison (Keokuk) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 - Cheyenne Mulford (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
Match #5 Round 5
Solon defeated Anamosa 59-24
126 - Jakobe Lahr (Solon) over Gage Engelbart (Anamosa) Fall 0:41
132 - Johnny Hoyle (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
138 - Mitchell Engelbart (Anamosa) over Ethan Swan (Solon) Fall 1:22
145 - Hayden Taylor (Solon) over Sam Norris (Anamosa) Fall 1:08
152 - Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Alex Casey (Anamosa) TF 17-1
160 - Lucas Kampman (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
170 - Jax Flynn (Solon) over Nathan Keating (Anamosa) Fall 1:05
182 - Lucas TePoel (Solon) over Austin Kirby (Anamosa) Fall 0:27
195 - Seamus Poynton (Solon) over Alex Shover (Anamosa) Fall 0:36
220 - Gage Marty (Solon) over Cameron Hanson (Anamosa) Fall 4:36
285 - Connor Andersen (Anamosa) over Nash Altman (Solon) Fall 2:30
106 - Tyson Gravel (Anamosa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 - Cheyenne Mulford (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 - Aaron Casey (Anamosa) over Kaden Lamm (Solon) Fall 2:50