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Trojan-Bolts lock up state swimming spots, Raiders post personal records

Iowa City West High-Liberty High and Williamsburg-CCA compete in Regional Swimming and Diving Meet at Linn-Mar

MARION– The Iowa City West High-Liberty High girls swimming and diving team reigned supreme at a regional swimming and diving meet Saturday, Nov. 7 at Linn-Mar High School in Marion. The Trojan-Bolts won the meet, one of seven held across the state without spectators, and secured state meet spots in the process while winning nine events and posting runner-up finishes in three more.
Scarlet Martin and Aurora Roghair were double winners in the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke (Martin), and the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle (Roghair). The pair also swam in the winning 200 and 400-yard freestyle relays with Ella Hochstetler and Jade Roghair (200), and Olivia Taeger and Jade Roghair (400).
In addition, Martin set a pool record in the 100 butterfly with her 54.11 second performance, beating the previous best time of 54.48, which was set in 2016. She also rewrote the pool record for the 100 backstroke, which was set in 2019 at 56.03 seconds with her 55.85 effort. Also, Aurora Roghair’s performance in the 500 freestyle beat her own pool record. Roghair set the record at 4:55.21 last month, but won in 4:54.35. The 400 freestyle relay also set a new record with its 3:30.84 performance, erasing the previous record of 3:31.02, which it set last month.
Trojan-Bolt state qualifiers include: Martin, Aurora and Jade Roghair, Kolby Reese, Makala Hajek, Olivia Taeger, Jenny Geng, Ella Hochstetler, Karen Liu and Carlee Wilkins.
The Williamsburg Raiders, with five swimmers from Clear Creek Amana (Kathryn Hennes, Malina Bowman, Madison Serovy, Grace Huch and Sydney Granquist), finished the day sixth in team points. While the Raiders did not advance anybody to the state meet, coach Margaret Trumpold noted a number of bright spots on the day.
“Our sixth-place finish was great. We went back and forth with Tipton for most of the meet,” she said. The Tigers were seventh in the eight-team field. Bowman and Hennes both had personal records (PR) in every one of their events, Trumpold noted, and added the 200-yard medley relay consisting of Bowman (backstroke), Katie Carrico (breaststroke), Amina Dewitt (butterfly) and Olivia Caron (freestyle) shaved two seconds off of their best time with a 2:05.72 showing, good for seventh place.
“Malina and Kathryn both dropped three seconds in their 200 Individual Medley (IM),” the coach said. “Malina also dropped three seconds in her 100 butterfly, and Kathryn in her 500 freestyle.” Both girls were also a part of the 400-yard freestyle relay with sisters Laura and Katie Carrico, which dropped eight seconds off of their entry time to finish in 4:15.39 (seventh place).
“I am very proud of this team,” Trumpold said. “Of the 26 events to have 19 PRs is fantastic. All of the girls swam strong and I am very pleased with how they raced.”
The 2020 State Swimming and Diving Meet is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 13 (State Diving and State Swimming Preliminary Meet), and Saturday, Nov. 14 (State Swimming Finals), at the YMCA in Marshalltown. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, no spectators will be admitted this year. Events will be live-streamed with links available at https://www.ighsau.org.

2020 IGHSAU Regional Swimming and Diving Competition, Linn-Mar HS, Marion
Team Rankings — 1, Iowa City West, 528. 2, Linn-Mar, 433. 3, Cedar Rapids Washington, 278. 4, Iowa City, City High, 261. 5, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, 201. 6, Williamsburg, 150. 7, Tipton, 147. 8, Keokuk, 83.
Iowa City West High-Liberty High, and Williamsburg results
* denotes State Qualifier
1-meter diving — 7, Ainsley Young, IC West, 349.75. 8, Aimee Varga, IC West, 334.95. Samantha Klein, IC West, DQ.
200-yard medley relay — 1, IC West (Carlee Wilkins, Makala Hajek, Ella Hochstetler, Olivia Taeger), 1L49.89*. 7, Williamsburg (Malina Bowman, Katie Carrico, Amina Dewitt, Olivia Caron), 2:05.72.
200-yard freestyle —1, Aurora Roghair, IC West, 1:49.49*. 2, Jade Roghair, IC West, 1:55.34*. 5, Kolby Reese, IC West, 1:59.71*. 15, Kaiden Dermody, Williamsburg, 2:27.14. 18, Cassie Parsons, Williamsburg, 2:34.58. 19, Emma Peters, Williamsburg, 2:34.91.
200-yard IM — 2, Makala Hajek, IC West, 2:10.84*. 3, Olivia Taeger, IC West, 2:13.17*. 5, Jenny Geng, IC West, 2:15.51*. 11, Bowman, Williamsburg, 2:32.85. 12, Dewitt, Williamsburg, 2:36.55. 13, Kathryn Hennes, Williamsburg, 2:36.66.
50-yard freestyle — 1, Hochstetler, IC West, 24.34*. 4, Hailey Noel, IC West, 26.20. 5, Lauren Trent, IC West, 26.26. 15, Katy Rotter, Williamsburg, 28.60. 17, Laura Carrico, 28.88. 18, Caron, 29.88.
100-yard butterfly — 1, Scarlet Martin, IC West, 54.11*. 3, Hochstetler, IC West, 58.81*. 5, Karen Liu, IC West, 1:01.82*. 10, Dewitt, Williamsburg, 1:06.98. 12, Bowman, Williamsburg, 1:09.26. 15, Caitlyn Cronbaugh, Williamsburg, 1:16.37.
100-yard freestyle — 1, Taeger, IC West, 53.59*. 4, Hajek, IC West, 54.66*. 5, Trent, IC West, 56.79. 9, K. Carrico, Williamsburg, 59.68. 14, L. Carrico, Williamsburg, 1:03.21. 16, Rotter, Williamsburg, 1:03.96.
500-yard freestyle — 1, A. Roghair, IC West, 4:54.35*. 3, J. Roghair, IC West, 5:10.01. 4, Reese, IC West, 5:20.74*. 9, Hennes, Williamsburg, 6:10.71. 14, Lilly Fairchild, Williamsburg, 6:29.96.
200-yard freestyle relay — 1, IC West (Hochstetler, J. Roghair, A. Roghair, Martin), 1:36.89*. 7, Williamsburg (Caron, Hennes, Rotter, L. Carrico), 1:59.80.
100-yard backstroke — 1, Martin, IC West, 55.85*. 2, Wilkins, IC West, 58.68*. 4, Vivian Gibson, IC West, 1:02.05. 13, Cronbaugh, Williamsburg, 1:13.80. 15, Peters, Williamsburg, 1:19.35. 17, Chloe Yearian, Williamsburg, 1:20.59.
100-yard breaststroke — 4, Geng, IC West, 1:13.24. 5, K. Carrico, Williamsburg, 1:13.68. 7, Gibson, IC West, 1:13.95. 9, Margaret Liu, 1:15.89. 18, Fairchild, Williamsburg, 1:31.87. 20, Olivia Kelting, Williamsburg, 1:41.38.
400-yard freestyle relay — 1, IC West (J. Roghair, Taeger, A. Roghair, Martin), 3:30.84*. 7, Williamsburg (Bowman, Hennes, L. Carrico, K. Carrico), 4:15.39.