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Spartan trapshooting team aiming to win

SOLON– From Friday, May 31, through Sunday, June 2, members of the Solon Spartan trapshooting team were in Cedar Falls participating in annual state level competitions.
High school shooters competed on Friday, May 31, at the Iowa State Trap competition, hosted by the Shooting Sports division of the Iowa DNR. Solon Black Squad consisting of shooters Sam Corrigan, Brandon Dvorsky, Easton Ressler, Wyatt Rath and Logan Chaloupka earned third place with a team total of 460 out of 500 targets broken. The same squad of shooters also placed third overall in regular season league standings with individual Easton Ressler finishing as the sixth place shooter in the state in league scoring.
The entire high school Spartan trapshooting team was awarded third place in the High School Iowa All State Team Award. This award is based on the team’s highest scores from the regular season league competitions combined with the scores from Friday’s Iowa State Trap Competition. The top three schools and scores were as follows: first place– Maquoketa Community High School with a score of 1,447, second place– Charles City High School with a score of 1,429, and third place– Solon High School with a score of 1,421. Wyatt Rath from Solon earned a spot on the prestigious Iowa All State boys trap team, which is made up of the six shooters with the top combined league and Iowa State trap scores.
On June 1 and 2, the Solon Spartan trapshooting team competed at the Iowa SCTP competitions, with high school shooters competing on June 1, and middle school shooters on June 2. Over 1,000 athletes competed in events over the course of the two days, including shooters at rookie, intermediate, high school and collegiate levels. Solon was one of the largest teams in attendance with 37 intermediate and high school shooters.
Solon Black Squad again did well, placing second in the varsity high school division with a score of 932 out of a possible 1000 targets.
Solon Spartan high school shooters competing in one or both of the high school competitions included Allison Ressler, Ben Lilleodden, Brandon Dvorsky, Caleb Asprey, Cameron TePoel, Chad Thielen, Ciara Erenberger, Cole Fritz, Easton Ressler, Hunter Gehrke, Jeremiah Ziskovsky, Kenneth Plume, Lee Colton, Levi Schwartz, Lillee McAtee, Logan Chaloupka, Nicholas Moore, Olivia Erenberger, Raiden Takeuchi, Sam Corrigan, Tyler Puettmann, Walker Sea and Wyatt Rath.
Sam Corrigan finished in seventh place overall at the SCTP high school meet. Several Spartan high school participants also earned awards for hitting perfect 25 of 25, 50 of 50, or 75 of 75 targets. The Spartans achieving this at state completion include Sam Corrigan at 75 of 75, Brandon Dvorsky at 50 of 50, and Sam Corrigan, Brandon Dvorsky, Wyatt Rath, Easton Ressler, Walker Sea, Raiden Takeuchi, and Cameron Tepoel at 25 of 25. Regular season perfect 25 of 25 awards were earned by Easton Ressler (4), Sam Corrigan (2), Wyatt Rath (2), Logan Chaloupka (4), Jeremiah Ziskovsky, Carter Koch, Lee Colton and Cole Fritz. Regular season perfect 50 of 50 awards were earned by Easton Ressler and Wyatt Rath.
Congratulations to Solon Spartan trap team graduating seniors Jeremiah Ziskovsky and Allison “AJ” Ressler.
Solon Spartan middle school trap team members competed at the SCTP completion on Sunday, June 2. State awards given for the regular league season participants included Justin Gibbs in second place, Chase Gehrke in third, and Michael Baumgartner in fourth. For the competition on June 2, first year Jr. high shooters competed in the intermediate/entry level division and second year and above compete in the intermediate/advanced level. For individual awards, Nicole Breese placed third and Brianna Smith placed seventh in the intermediate/entry level ladies division. The intermediate/entry level Spartan squad consisting of members Nicole Breese, Christian Haight, Treven Stallman, Jarrett Manifold and Michael Baumgartner earned third place out of 26 teams in their division. In the intermediate/advanced division, the Spartan squad consisting of members Justin Gibbs, Chase Gehrke, James McAtee, Joe Kral and Nicholas Olney earned seventh place out of 30 squads.
Solon Spartan middle school shooters competing at Sunday’s even included Justin Gibbs, Chase Gehrke, James McAtee, Joe Kral, Nicholas Olney, Nicole Breese, Christian Haight, Treven Stallman, Jarrett Manifold, Michael Baumgartner, Chase Connelly, Brianna, Smith, Grant Rowland,Timothy Moore and Carter Sea.
Awards for hitting 25 of 25 targets at state were earned by Michael Baumgartner (2) and Nick Olney. Regular season 25 of 25 awards were earned by Justin Gibbs 25 (3), Chase Gehrke, and Treven Stahlman (2).
Several Spartans from both the high school and middle school teams finished in the top 100 shooters in the state in their division. More information about SCTP and the 2013 league and state competitions can be found at www.iowadnr.gov/Recreation/ShootingSports.aspx.