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Spartan track and field team fifth at WaMaC JV meet

JV throwers capture four of top 10 in shot put

MARION– The Solon junior varsity (JV) Spartans had the lights turned on them on Monday, May 8, at the WaMaC JV Meet held in Marion at Thomas Park.
On an evening which saw the Lady Spartans’ JV team top the podium when all the events were completed, Anamosa won the WaMaC JV boys meet standings with 142 team points, followed by Western Dubuque (135), Vinton-Shellsburg (89), Marion (68), and Solon finished fifth with their score of 66. The Spartans were followed by Maquoketa (49), Central DeWitt (37), Mount Vernon (32), Benton (28), Williamsburg (27.5), Clear Creek Amana (19), South Tama and Independence (15), West Delaware (9), Beckman (6) and Center Point-Urbana (3.5).
Team scoring for the Spartans started at the high jump, A.J. Coons’ leap of 5-8 landed him tied for second with Central DeWitt’s Logan Paulsen and scored seven team points. Payton Herdliska captured a team point with his jump of 17-1 1/4 in the long jump and although Solon captured four of the top 10 positions in the shot put with Luke Schaeckenbach’s first-place toss of 47-6, Zach Wegmann’s third-place hurl of 43-8, Rocky Lensing’s fourth with 43-6 1/2, and Ryan Runyan’s fifth-place with 41-7, only Schaeckenbach’s and Wegmann’s scored ten and six team points respectively.
Schaeckenbach also scored eight points for the team with his second-place throw of 130-2 in the discus.
In the solo running events, Jack Bell and Hunter Kula were the only Spartans to score team points, Bell by taking seventh with a time of 25.29 in the 200-meter dash to secure two points and Kula secured four team points for the Spartans with a 12.09 finish in the 100-meter dash.
The Spartans also profited from performances in the 800-meter sprint medley, the 1,600-meter distance medley, the 4x200-meter, the 4x100-meter and the 4x400-meter relays. The sprint medley team of Jackson Pipolo, Dillon Hoit, Adam Bock and Ryan Geistkemper turned in a time of 1:44.66 finishing in fifth place and padded the team points by four. A third-place finish by the distance medley team of Pipolo, Mason Stahle, Hoit and Thomas Brandt stopped the clock at 4:04.76 adding eight team points. Bock, Jack Bell, A.J. Coons and Geistkemper combined for a third-place, 1:38.53 time in the 4x200, adding six team points. The 4x100 team of Kula, Pipolo, Stahle and Bock combined for a 47.25, capturing second place and eight team points for the Spartans. A 3:49.29 performance by Geistkemper, Hoit, Brandt and Bell yielded a seventh-place finish and scored two team points in the 4x400.
“At the WaMaC JV meet, we did a great job of being ready to perform through the choices they made - warming up, cooling down, hand off practice and stepping out of their comfort zone. The choices they made set them up for (personal records) to happen. It was seeing them experience the joy that comes with doing your best and having no regrets,” Coach Mark Sovers commented, when asked about the performances of the athletes and personal records set by the athletes at the meet.
The Spartans did not field competitors in the 4x800-meter relay, the 440-meter shuttle hurdles, and the 110-meter hurdles.
Sovers commented the absence of competitors in these events was a choice made to get more competitors experience in some of the open events. “The open events at JV conference were simply choices we made to compete in other areas, so we could give more people opportunities. That meet is about getting as many athletes involved as we can.”
Sovers was pleased with the underclassmen’s progress.
“The underclassman did a great job of going out and competing every time out,” he said. “Sometimes (it’s) hard to compete against the competition we have, week in and week out, so you must define success through the things you have control over– practice, PR’s, preparation, etc. They have definitely set a solid foundation for the future from their year this year.”

WaMaC Conference JV Meet Results as reported by Kauder Racing from Monday, May 8:
High jump: 2. AJ Coons 5-8.
Long jump: 8. Payton Herdliska 17-1 ¼, 10. Ryan Geistkemper 16-11 ¼.
Shot put: 1. Luke Schaeckenbach 47-6, 3. Zach Wegmann 43-8, 4. Roky Lensing 43-6 ½, 5. Ryan Runyan 41-7.
Discus: 2. Luke Schaeckenbach 130-2, 17. Hayes Dierson 99-11, 23. Evan Kollar 87-5, 25. Kyle Puettman 87-1.
Sprint medley relay: 5. Jackson Pipolo, Dillon Hoit, Adam Bock, Ryan Geistkemper 1:44.66, 15. Cam Miller, Trey Stebral, Payton Herdliska, Brayden Bair 1:49.75.
3,200m: 16. Elijah McInnis 13:36.85.
100m: 5. Hunter Kula 12.09, 12. AJ Coon 12.54, 38. Lucas Walker 13.53, 48. Brady Stotler 13.82.
Distance medley relay: 3. Jackson Piolo Mason Stahle, Dillon Hoit, Thomas Brandt 4:04.76.
400m: 13. Dillon Jeworrek 1:00.99.
4x200: 3. Adam Bock, Jack Bell, AJ Coons, Ryan Geistkemper 1:38.53, 19. Cam Miller, Trey Stebral, Payton Herdliska, Hayes Dierson 1:44.66.
800m: 20. Brayden Bair 2:25.62, 28. Dillon Jeworrek 2:31.88.
200m: 7. Jack Bell 25.29, 17. Mason Stahle 26.00, 43. Brady Stotler 28.34.
400m hurdles: 12. Thomas Brandt 1:04.52.
1,600m: Elijah McInnis NT.
4x100: 2. Hunter Kula, Jackson Pipolo, Mason Stahle, Adam Bock 47.25, 14. Cam Miller, Trey Stebral, Lucas Walker, AJ Coons 51.43.
4x400: 7. Ryan Geistkemper, Dillon hoit, Thomas Brandt, Jack Bell 3:49.29.