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New finance officer settles in

One job leads to another for Roman Meyers
Roman Meyers began his duties as finance officer with the City of Solon Jan. 15, just in time for a lengthy evening budget meeting. (photo by Doug Lindner)

SOLON– There was a silver lining when Roman Meyers missed out on the Solon Parks and Recreation Director job.
Meyers, 27, and his wife Megan had moved to Solon after she accepted a fourth-grade teaching position at Solon Intermediate School, and he was at Solon City Hall to vote in a school board election when he noticed a job posting for the city’s recreation director.
With a degree in kinesiology and a lifelong love of sports, Meyers decided to apply and went through the interview process.
He didn’t end up getting the job, but City Administrator Cami Rasmussen notified him of another position opening up– city finance officer.
Although he graduated in 2015 from Cornell College in Mount Vernon with a degree in kinesiology (the science of body movement), Meyers spent the last four years in the banking industry.
A native of Clinton, Meyers attended Unity Christian High School across the river in Fulton, Ill., before heading to Cornell, where he met his wife.
“I originally planned to go further in my education in that field, but I met my wife at Cornell, she got a job teaching around here, so I needed to find something,” he explained.
Meyers started working at Mount Vernon Bank & Trust, first as a teller and then in bookkeeping, eventually becoming a loan administrator.
“It wasn’t necessarily the path I was thinking was going to happen, but it turned out pretty good,” he noted.
The new couple made their home in Mount Vernon, but moved to Solon about a year and a half ago to become more involved in the community where Megan was working.
Meyers ended up landing the finance officer position, replacing Jonathon Brinson, who left to accept a job with Junior Achievement after almost a year in the newly-created post.
Meyers started his new full-time job Jan. 15 and will be paid $22.50 per hour.
It wasn’t that much of a stretch for Meyers, who had considered more of an accounting degree early on.
“I’ve always liked numbers,” he explained. “What I like about numbers is there’s always an answer.”
His first day included an evening budget meeting with members of the Solon City Council as they waded into planning for the next fiscal year.
“Good way to get started,” he added.
Meyers jumped in and has been helping Rasmussen with the budgeting process, preparing numbers and keeping track of reports as the city spent most of the month fine-tuning expectations for the coming budget year, which begins July 1.
He expects to become more acquainted with his regular duties as he moves forward.
“I love it. It’s definitely different from working in the bank, but I really enjoy the people. No day is ever the same,” he said. “Here at the city, you’re always trying to help people as best you can and I’ve always wanted to find a field that allows me to do that.”
In his spare time, Meyers continues following his sports interests by coaching the Cornell lacrosse team.
Track and field was one of the reasons he had originally selected Cornell, but he ended up not pursuing it in order to establish himself as a student first.
During his junior year, he became aware of the college’s lacrosse team.
“Me being an Iowa boy, I didn’t know what lacrosse was,” he said.
After watching some highlight videos of players getting hit, throwing, catching, and scoring, he felt his interest piqued.
Meyers became a student manager for the club team and was asked to come back and coach after it became an official Cornell sport in the 2014-15 school year.
Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America with its origins in a tribal game played by eastern Woodlands indigenous peoples and by some Plains Indians tribes.
It features 10 players and is played with a lacrosse stick and ball, combining features of a lot of sports, with substitutions like hockey, offense and defense like basketball and physical interactions like football.
“It’s a lot of different things,” he observed. “It’s slowly coming here to Iowa.”
He also was a former member of the Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation Board and was involved in planning the community’s new Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center.
As an active person and a multi-sport athlete, Meyers said he’s supportive of growing recreation in his new community to provide different opportunities to different people.
“I’ve always wanted to help people,” Meyers said. “I’m very excited to be here in this opportunity. I think that everything that we do is always trying to make it better for the citizens of this town.
“I’ll work hard for them,” he said. “I’ll always try to do my best and grow however way that I can.”