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CCA approves 2020-21 calendar

MLK Day to remain as a potential snow makeup day, despite controversy

OXFORD– The Clear Creek Amana (CCA) school board approved the 2020-21 academic calendar at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 15. The calendar provides for 179 school days with 1,102.5 hours of instruction, down from 180 days and 1,111 days in the current school year. Under state law, schools need to be in session either 180 days or 1,080 hours.
The first day of school is set for Monday, Aug. 24, with early dismissals for the first three days. The Thanksgiving break will run Wednesday, Nov. 25, through Friday, Nov. 27, while the Christmas break starts with an early dismissal on Tuesday, Dec. 22. School resumes on Monday, Jan. 5. Spring Break is set for Monday, March 15, through Friday, March 19. Friday, May 28, is slated to be the last day of school, an early out, and graduation day.
Monday, Jan. 18, and Friday, April 16, are days off with the potential to be used for snow day makeup. Jan. 18 is Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, a federal holiday, and the district ran into some controversy this year when MLK Day was used as a make up day. An online petition was created in an effort to have the district reverse the decision, however the calendar, which was approved n December of 2018, was followed.
The 2020-21 calendar was discussed last month with a public hearing held on Dec. 18. Board President Jennifer Mooney opened the public hearing at 6 p.m., and closed it at 6 p.m. as nobody was present to speak.
During the board’s discussion, Superintendent Tim Kuehl said, “I understand the concerns people have (regarding observing MLK Day), but there’s other federal holidays that we have school on, and families always have the ability to take their kids to any event from school on an excused absence.”
The second built-in snow make up day is Friday, April 17, and will be used due to the snow event on Friday, Jan. 17.
The last day for 2020 is set for Thursday, June 4, but in case winter wreaks havoc with the schools again this year, Friday, June 5, through Wednesday, June 10, are potential make up days. On the 2020-21 calendar, Tuesday, June 1, (Monday, May 31 is Memorial Day) through Wednesday, June 9, are available for snow make up.