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Women of Troy top Waterloo

Iowa City West wins, 146-46

North Liberty Leader
CORALVILLE– The Iowa City West High Women of Troy’s swimming and diving team rolled, like a tidal wave, over the Waterloo swim team Tuesday, Sept. 26, at the Coralville Recreation Center, 146-46.
Waterloo fielded no junior varsity competitors and only posted a win in one event: 1-meter diving.
Varsity winners for West High included: Lily Ernst (200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle), Aurora Roghair (200-yard Individual Medley), Melanie Housenga (50-yard freestyle and 100-yard freestyle), Alleyna Thomas (100-yard butterfly) and Jennifer Du (100-yard backstroke). Junior Varsity winners for West included: Lauren Frank (200-yard freestyle), Izabel Houselog (200-yard IM), Lauren Katz (50-yard freestyle), Jessica Doyle (100-yard butterfly), Audrey Wubbena (100-yard freestyle), Niki Alden (500-yard freestyle) and Lizzy Wilkins (100-yard backstroke).
Housenga, Du, Thomas and Anna Reese won the varsity 200-yard medley relay; Frank, Danielle Preuschl, Madeline Ohl and Katz won the JV 200-yard freestyle; Thomas, Kate Netolicky, Vivian Gibson and Ernst won the varsity 200-yard freestyle; Carmela Cohen-Suarez, Alden, Lexi Goodale and Ohl took the JV 400-yard freestyle relay and Roghair, Margaret Liu, Laurel Haverkamp and Du won the varsity 400-yard freestyle relay.
Linn-Mar visits the Women of Troy on Tuesday, Oct. 10, for a 6 p.m. dual meet at the Coralville Rec. Center. West High competes in the Mississippi Valley Conference meet Thursday, Oct. 12, at Linn-Mar starting at 5 p.m.

Results, as provided by Iowa City West High Swimming and Diving:
Varsity 200-yard medley relay: 1, Iowa City West “A” (Melanie Housenga, Jennifer Du, Alleyna Thomas, Anna Reese), 2:00.12. 2, Iowa City West “B” (Kate Netolicky, Lily Ernst, Aurora Roghair, Izabel Houselog), 2:02.26. 3, Iowa City West “C” (Margaret Liu, Lexi Janik, Vivian Gibson, Silvia Tinelli), 2:07.36.
JV 200-yard freestyle: 1, Lauren Frank, 2:21.11. 2, Lexi Goodale, 2:31.90. 3, Erin Lidral, 2:41.75.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle: 1, Ernst, 1:59.58. 2, Jenny Geng, 2:04.58. 3, Liu, 2:08.82.
JV 200-yard IM: 1, Houselog, 2:39.26. 2, Lizzy Wilkins, 2:54.84. 3, Tamara Hamzeh, 3:05.46.
Varsity 200-yard IM: 1, Roghair, 2:15.64. 3, Janik, 2:28.11. 4, Nola Femino, 2:33.99.
JV 50-yard freestyle: 1, Lauren Katz, 30.00. 2, Kendra Triggs, 30.43. 3, Laurel Haverkamp, 30.51.
Varsity 50-yard freestyle: 1, Housenga, 25.95. 2, Netolicky, 27.20. 3, Reese, 28.29.
1-meter diving: 2, Rachel Hoeft, 195.85. 3, Austyn Goodale, 184.65. 5, Bella Trevitt, 118.85.
JV 100-yard butterfly: 1, Jessica Doyle, 1:16.13. 2, L. Goodale, 1:19.79.
Varsity 100-yard butterfly: 1, Thomas, 1:02.13. 3, Tinelli, 1:06.11. 4, Liu, 1:08.03.
JV 100-yard freestyle: 1, Audrey Wubbena, 1:03.26. 2, Femino, 1:03.29. 3, Katz, 1:06.46.
Varsity 100-yard freestyle: 1, Housenga, 56.33. 2, Gibson, 58.02. 3, Tinelli, 1:00.63.
JV 500-yard freestyle: 1, Niki Alden, 6:36.56. 2, Carmela Cohen-Suarez, 6:41.82.
Varsity 500-yard freestyle: 1, Ernst, 5:24.95. 2, Houselog, 5:58.38. 3, Wubbena, 6:25.17.
JV 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, Iowa City West “A” (Frank, Danielle Preuschl, Madeline Ohl, Katz), 2:03.65. 2, Iowa City West “B” (Triggs, Cohen-Suarez, L. Goodale, Evie Hajek), 2:07.90.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, Iowa City West “B” (Thomas, Netolicky, Gibson, Ernst), 1:46.47. 2, Iowa City West “A” (Housenga, Roghair, Geng, Haverkamp), 1:47.86. 3, Iowa City West “C” (Reese, Du, Elizabeth Davis, Doyle), 1:55.36.
JV 100-yard backstroke: 1, Wilkins, 1:18.95. 2, Alden, 1:26.12.
Varsity 100-yard backstroke: 1, Du, 1:07.84. 2, Geng, 1:09.88. Frank, 1:14.37.
Varsity 100-yard breaststroke: 1, Thomas, 1:17.08. 2, Netolicky, 1:17.84. 4, Ohl, 1:23.89.
JV 400-yard freestyle relay: 1, Iowa City West “A” (Cohen-Suarez, Alden, L. Goodale, Ohl), 4:55.97. 2, Iowa City West “B” (Izzy Martinez, Wilkins, Tamara Hamzeh, Preuschl), 5:11.32.
Varsity 400-yard freestyle relay: 1, Iowa City West “A” (Roghair, Liu, Haverkamp, Du), 4:01.95. 2, Iowa City West “B” (Femino, Gibson, Houselog, Geng), 4:07.84. 3, Iowa City West “C” (Katz, Reese, Wubbena, Tinelli), 4:13.36.