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Football players used intolerable language at LaPorte City

District letters posted to SCSD website

SOLON– Solon football players used inappropriate language during a Sept. 11 game against Union High School in LaPorte City.
According to a post on the school’s website, Union football coaches and administrators were made aware of “inappropriate statements” directed toward Union football players.
The post included two letters– one penned by Solon High School Principal Zach Wigle and Activities Director Casey Hack– and the other signed by Union High School’s principal and assistant principal.
Solon’s letter stated football coaches and administration spent the weekend working with the Union district to identify what was said during the game.
“Many things were shared via social media that needed to be addressed,” the letter noted.
“After hours of communication with Union coaches and administration, we were able to get to the bottom of what was said on the field that evening,” the letter continued. “Solon High School, along with its football program, does not tolerate any type of behavior that condemns, belittles or treats others in a way that represents our school or community in a negative way. We have addressed the inappropriate language that was used on the field that evening.”
Wigle and Hack expressed gratitude for the way the Union district handled the accusations. “Their coaching staff and administration reported everything to us immediately so we could begin our investigation,” the letter stated.
The letter by Union officials to the district’s community said coaches and administrators were notified of “multiple inappropriate statements” directed at Union players. Union High School “fully supports the actions of Solon High School and their investigation into this incident,” the letter said.
“After completing our investigation into this incident on Monday (Sept. 14), we believe the statements released online were not completely accurate.”
The Union principal and assistant principal thanked the Solon administration for its support.