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City considering secondary roads shed

City to seek appraisal on Johnson County maintenance building
The City of Solon is considering the purchase of this Johnson County Secondary Roads maintenance facility at the intersection of Highway 1 and Sutliff Road north of Solon. (photo by Doug Lindner)

Solon Economist
SOLON– The Solon City Council will mull over an offer to purchase Johnson County’s maintenance building off Highway 1 on Sutliff Road.
The city will seek an appraisal for property owned by Johnson County Secondary Roads just north of town and may consider purchasing the site for use by the Solon Public Works Department.
The potential purchase was discussed at a June 21 city council meeting.
The topic came up briefly at a June 7 meeting, but was pulled from the agenda, although council members directed City Administrator Cami Rasmussen to obtain cost estimates for a property appraisal.
At the June 21 meeting, Rasmussen reported that a restricted appraisal would cost $850, while a more complete report would cost $1,250.
“Do we have a rough idea or a ballpark idea what the thing’s worth or what it would cost us?” asked council member Mark Prentice.
Rasmussen said the City of Swisher went through a similar process and purchased a Secondary Roads maintenance building for approximately $80,000.
Swisher and the county each obtained an independent appraisal and used the two as the starting point for negotiations, she said.
The property, located on the northeast corner of the Highway 1/Sutliff Road intersection, features a large four-bay building with electrical service, a private well and septic system, along with another open-ended structure for material storage, noted Public Works Director Scott Kleppe.
When asked about the city’s potential need for the buildings, Kleppe said the city continues to grow and purchase equipment.
“We’re already out of storage again,” he said. “I’d like to see increased inside storage. It helps prolong the life of the equipment.”
Prentice made a motion to move ahead with an appraisal, which passed on a 3-0 vote. (Council members absent?)
Rasmussen indicated she would contact the county to see what level of appraisal was used to begin the purchase process with Swisher.